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Beware the Cyclists and Motorcyclists

Now that winter is gone and spring is finally here there is a new driving to be aware of, as many people are riding their bikes, as well as motorcycles. Many drivers overlook the fact that they must share the road with other vehicles, bikes being the most common. Always be aware of your surroundings seems to be a pretty simple task, until it is actually required. Cyclists and motorcyclists have a higher risk for fatal injuries from a collision than drivers, and therefore should always be monitored while driving. Watch out for cyclists or motorcyclists or you could end up killing one with your car or truck. If you want to improve your driving safety you could take one of our Derek Brown’s driving school courses.

The Perils of Winter Driving

Winter driving is very dangerous in parts of the world where they actually have winter. But it can be even more dangerous in places with occasional winter. When people aren’t expecting winter the car accidents can be a lot worse. Here’s a youtube video that illustrates just how dangerous it can be!

Derek Brown’s can help you learn to drive well in the winter. Then you can get a lot of practice driving in Calgary, so never have to live like these unfortunate souls.