Lethbridge Truck Driving School

Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving is proud to be the leading truck driving school in Lethbridge.

We offer a comprehensive commercial transport training and heavy truck driving lessons for Class 1 and Class 3 licenses to our truck driving students. Our training includes hands-on experience and access to a fleet of five types of semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and other commercial transport vehicles for a fully immersive training experience.

Upon completion of our courses, our students are ready for the road and competitively employable as big rig and commercial transport truck drivers. Employers recognize Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving as a top industry provider of commercial and transport truck driver training. Our commercial truck driving courses offer students the opportunity to learn:

How to Start:
Please call us at 587-691-4246 to discuss your situation and determine the best course or courses for your needs and goals. We offer Tractor Trailer, Single Truck, and Q Air Brake Instruction, as well as in-truck training with experienced instructors. We even provide our own trucks, so you don’t have to pay for a rental and can save your hard-earned cash!

Our instructional hours exceed those of most other truck driving schools, and we also offer employment leads for students who successfully complete our commercial truck driver training program.

Cargo Securement Course at Derek Brown's Academy of Driving in Calgary, AB

Start training for your new truck driving career today!

Truck Driving Tests:
Our training fully prepares students for all required licensing tests and certifications.

Class One Course:
We offer a special class for Class 1. Click here for more information of our Class One Instruction and Training Course.

Class Three Course:
We also offer a special class for Class 3. Click here for more information about our Class Three Instruction and Training Class.

Q Endorsement Course:
Our Q Air Brake Endorsement course provides the training students need in order to obtain an Q Air Brake Endorsement.

Professional Driver Logbook Course:
A class for people who want to learn how to fill out a logbook the proper way (something which employers truly appreciate!).

Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC):
Avoid potentially dangerous situations in this course designed to make you a better truck driver.

Super B Course:
Looking to upgrade your Class 1?  This course teaches you the essentials of driving with a B-Train style trailer.

Call us at 587-691-4246 for more information.

Exciting News – New Truck Driving School

Derek Brown’s Driving Academy has now opened a new truck driving school in Lethbridge. Come on in and check us out!

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