Why Should You Come to Our Calgary Driving School? Because We Rock!

Why We Rock


  • You’ll get $100 off for our basic Class 5 course package (both automatic and manual cars) if you call now. Call 403-272-4246.
  • You’ll never have to wait at the bus stop in bad weather again after you learn to drive at our driving school. We make it so easy. Yes, you can do it with our help!
  • At our driving school we have decent prices and friendly people and that makes all the difference for you and your experience.
  • With us you’ll feel relaxed both in our classrooms and behind the wheel. We make learning to a drive a car or truck easy and fun.
  • You won’t be bored or stressed in our classrooms. Because we have multi-media lessons and friendly instructors!
  • Once you finish our Class 5 and Defensive Driving courses, you’ll reduce your insurance costs or demerit points.
  • You can start your new career as a truck driver at our truck driving school.
  • We take the fear out of winter driving. We can teach you how to drive on icy and slippery roads.
  • We offer a bunch of driving school courses and driving lessons.

Derek Brown's Academy Address:

We are located at 1809 42nd Street SE Calgary AB T2B 1G1.

Our Calgary driving school has plenty of parking on the east side of the building. There are stairs to our second floor office.

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    Derek Brown's Driving Academy

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    Why We’re the Best in Calgary’s Driver’s Education

    We’re established. Our Calgary driving school has been here a long time, since 1970.  We know what we’re doing.

    We’re a real school. Unlike most driving schools in Calgary, ours has classrooms and several cars and trucks for driving lessons.  We’re not just a start up in someone’s basement with no expertise or experience.  We’ll still be around when you need us for anything, especially for paper work or records for the registry.

    Our driving instructors are expert and friendly. Our driving instructors are highly qualified and make you feel relaxed behind the wheel.  They help you pass your road test.

    Our classroom teachers and instruction are interesting.  We make the class go by fast and enjoyable while you learn everything you need to know. We have multi-media instruction.  You’ll know so much from our driving lessons, you’ll pass your road tests easily.  Since the classroom experience is varied, you won’t be bored as in most driving lessons.  You’ll enjoy yourself.

    Call our Calgary Driving School at (403) 272-4246 to ask more or enroll today.

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    What Driving Courses does Our Driving School Offer?

     Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving offers superior classroom and in-vehicle instruction at reduced prices. Enroll in one of our many drivers’ courses and get behind the wheel today.

    This special Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving defensive driver class is for drivers who would like to refresh their defensive driving abilities or reduce demerits on their record and insurance costs.

    A Class 1 Truck Driving Course will prepare you for success in both your exams and your career as a truck driver by giving you a solid background and practice in the art of trailer-tractor driving. We have in truck, simulator, and classroom training.

    Calgary’s biggest Truck Driving School

    Looking for a driving career? 

    More about Our Driver's Ed Courses

    We Have an Awesome Calgary Truck and Bus Driving School

    About Derek Brown's Driving Academy

    Drivers education courses:  Whatever driving skills you need, our Calgary driving school courses can help. For a list of our driving school courses in Calgary, go here: driving school Calgary courses.

    Safety is most important: Our driving school in Calgary puts safety as its highest priority.  If you have safety concerns for your teen or yourself on Calgary’s hectic, crowded streets and highways, our courses and drivers training greatly reduce the risk of an accident. Informed, trained drivers are safer on the road.

    Lower insurance costs: If you need lower insurance rates for yourself or your teen, completion of our classes will reduce the cost.

    Pass your road test: Our drivers training will also help you get the confidence and practice you need to pass your driving tests. Our driving lessons give you many hours of practice.

    Very worthwhile course. the in-class was very informative, and will help a great deal with insurance. The in-car portion is even more beneficial. I got Nick Scott as my instructor and he did a fantastic job. He made sure I was comfortable and ready for the test.He was sensitive on mistakes, but made sure you would remember as to fix them. As well, he made every lesson fun and shared some great stories while I learned. I would definitely recommend this program.

    Nick McCurdy, Calgary
    Nick McCurdy, Calgary

    Took classes here back in '08 and have been driving with a clean record since (minus a couple of parking tickets :p). Great introductory class, great driving teacher, and great driving test instructor. Totally worth the money. Passed my test on my first try, too!

    Robbie Adams, Calgary
    Robbie Adams, Calgary

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      Latest Testimonials

      I went to Derek Brown's to help me for my Class 5 Beginner's Road test. The inclass instructors prepare you well for the inclass exam. My driving instructor, Teri, is a great teacher.

      Allyssa Sicam, Calgary
      Allyssa Sicam, Calgary

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      COVID-19 Update for Our Driving School

      During these extraordinary difficult times, as the COVID-19 (Corona) Pandemic continues to impact our communities, employee and valued customers, we would like to take this opportunity to reach out and let you know that we strive to ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of our classrooms, cars and trucks which are cleaned and sanitized daily to ensure safety and good health for all students and employees. We remain committed to our customers and will continue to provide services that are needed. Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving is still open for business and continues to be a safe place. We will continue to update as the situation evolves. We are monitoring the news closely and ensuring our own best practices, your health and well being and that of our employees remains at the forefront. On behalf of our entire team, we look forward to continuing to serve you. Keep Safe and Stay Health.