Class 3 Course

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Class Content

Our Class 3 Truck Driving Course is for learning to drive single truck rigs. It will help guide you and make the whole process is easy for you.  We will prepare you for the exam with classroom instruction and in truck instruction.

ClassThreeFeatureYou will get coaching and practice in these areas and more:

  • Practice behind the wheel one-on-one in real truck (12 hrs)
  • Expert driving instruction in the truck
  • Before trucking trip or pre-trip inspection tips and practice
  • Air brake instruction and practical experience
  • Backing up with a truck and using mirrors
  • Turning narrow corners or hard to navigate parts of the route
  • Proper use of mirrors
  • On-road skill and practice in our own truck
  • Hill parking instruction and advice

Knowing and practicing all of this will help you pass the Provincial Road Test – an exam that takes about 1.5 hours.

How to Start:
You can start training for your new or enhanced career today. Give our friendly and experienced receptionist a call and we will help you decide what course and training is best for you and how we can best help you succeed. Call (403) 272-4246 for more information.

Our Calgary Truck Driving School:
We have Tractor Trailer, Single Truck, and Q Air Brake Instruction, including classroom and in truck training with highly experienced and knowledgeable instructors. We even have our own truck so you don’t pay for a rental and can save your hard earned cash. We have more hours of instruction than most other Truck Driving Schools. We also have leads for employment. Start training for your new truck driving career today.

Truck Driving Tests:
We will prepare you for all necessary tests.

Q Endorsement Course:
To obtain a Q air brake endorsement on your license, you must first complete an air brake training course.

Simulator Training:
Truck simulator training available for an extra fee.

Call us at (403) 272-4246, or fill out the form below, to enroll today.

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