Big City Driving Tips

Calgary is growing into a big city. With that comes busier, more congested, more stressful driving conditions that you need to be prepared for. Here are some tips for driving in a big city:

Constantly Be Alert!

One needs to be alert no matter when they are driving, but it is especially important when driving in very congested areas like downtown Calgary. Cars, bikes, and pedestrians can come out in front of you at any time. Always have your wits about you and never talk on your cell phone, eat, put on makeup or do any other activity that will distract you from driving.

Slow down!

Sometimes you’ll come into situations when driving in busy areas where you’ll feel pressure to complete driving tasks as quickly as possible. Drivers in cities put a lot of pressure on other drivers to make decisions quickly. However, it is best to make the correct decision slowly than a bad decision quickly. So if you are unsure of something on the road, slow down and make sure you get it right.


Be sure to always use your blinker, even when it seems obvious where you are turning. Communication with other drivers prevents accidents and you never know what information will be important to other drivers. It’s also very important to use your horn if someone is about to cut you off or drift into your lane. That’s what horns are for!

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