Good Places to Practice Driving in Calgary

Calgary, Alberta, offers a variety of places to practice driving, whether you’re a beginner or looking to improve your driving skills. First, make sure you have a Class 7 licence that allows you to practice with a fully licenced driver. Here are some good places to practice driving in Calgary:

Parking Lots: Empty parking lots, especially on weekends or in the evenings, provide a great environment for beginners to practice basic maneuvers such as parking, turning, and navigating through cones.

Residential Neighbourhoods: Quiet residential areas with lower speed limits and less traffic can be good for practicing driving in a calm, controlled setting. Just be mindful of pedestrians and parked cars.

Industrial Areas: Industrial zones, especially on weekends, are often less congested, making them suitable for practicing driving, parallel parking, and more advanced maneuvers.

Empty Schools or Office Parking Lots: Schools and office buildings can offer spacious and empty parking lots during evenings or weekends, making them ideal for practicing parking, reversing, and other maneuvers.

Quiet Side Streets: Some residential neighbourhoods have less traffic and narrower streets, which can be a good place to practice basic driving skills and get used to sharing the road with other vehicles.

Local Driving Schools: Many driving schools in Calgary offer lessons and access to their private training facilities, which are designed for practicing various driving skills.

Open Roads Outside the City: If you’re comfortable with basic driving skills, consider driving on less busy highways or roads outside the city, where you can get more experience with higher speeds and highway driving.

Public Parks: Some larger parks may have roads or loops where you can practice driving in a low-traffic environment. Be sure to check park rules and hours of operation.

Practice with a Licenced Driver: Before heading to any specific location, it’s a good idea to practice with a licensed and experienced driver, such as a parent or instructor, in a controlled environment like an empty parking lot or quiet neighbourhood.

Remember that when practicing driving, you should always follow local traffic laws, drive safely, and prioritize the safety of yourself and others on the road. Additionally, consider taking formal driving lessons with a qualified instructor to build your skills and confidence as a new driver.