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  • We help you pass your driving tests.

You’ll love our driving school in Calgary. We make learning to drive a car or truck easy and fun.   We’re friendly too.  We make you feel comfortable behind the wheel and in the classroom.  You’ll feel right at home.

Come visit us.  Our Calgary driving school has been here a long time, since 1970.  Unlike most driving schools in Calgary, ours has classrooms and several cars and trucks for driving lessons.  We’re not just a start up in someone’s basement with no expertise or experience.  We’ll still be around when you need us for anything, especially for paper work or records for the registry.  Our driving instructors are highly qualified and make you feel relaxed behind the wheel.  They help you pass your road test.

Our classroom teachers and instruction make the class go by fast while you learn everything you need to know. We have multi-media instruction.  You’ll know so much from our driving lessons, you’ll pass your road tests easily.  Since the classroom experience is varied, you won’t be bored as in most driving lessons.  You’ll enjoy yourself.

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Watch this video about our drivers education program in Calgary.  Meet Karen one of our classroom and driving instructors:

Winter driving tips on Global News!

Are you afraid to drive on snow and ice? Here is Global’s local Calgary news video about our tips on how to drive in the winter.

Call our driving school Calgary to sign up or find out more -  (403) 272-4246.

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 General Info about Our Calgary Driving School

Student driver in one of driving school cars.

Drivers Education Courses:  Whatever driving skills you need, our driving courses can help. For a list of our driving school courses in Calgary, go here: driving school Calgary courses.

Safety is Most Important: Our driving school in Calgary puts safety as its highest priority.  If you have safety concerns for your teen or yourself on Calgary’s hectic, crowded streets and highways, our courses and drivers training greatly reduce the risk of an accident. Informed, trained drivers are safer on the road.

Lower insurance costs: If you need lower insurance rates for yourself or your teen, completion of our classes will reduce the cost.

Pass your road test: Our drivers training will also help you get the confidence and practice you need to pass your driving tests. Our driving lessons give you many hours of practice.

New career as a truck driver: If you want a new career as a truck driver, we have a truck drivers school that will give you the necessary skills and help you pass the exams and start your career. You’ll learn special driving skills for Class 1 or Class 3 (both include air brake instruction).  You’ll receive in vehicle training in one of our five trucks so you don’t have to rent one.  We also have a truck driving simulator for lessons.  When you’re finished we will guide you in getting a truck driver position. For more information go to our Calgary truck driving school section.

One of our driving lesson cars, Calgary skyline in background

Calgary Defensive Driving:  Reduce your demerits. If you are interested in demerit reduction or want a defensive driving course, our driving school has a course just for you. Check out our Defensive Driving Course for safety enhancement and demerit reduction.  Our driver’s training will help you learn safer habits and reduce your insurance costs by lowering your demerits.

In Vehicle Training: We have several quality cars for our in vehicle driving lessons as well as five types of trucks and semis (so you don’t have to rent your own).  Our instructors are experienced, friendly, and trained to help you succeed in passing your driving tests.  We take the fear out of road tests by offering practice exams right before the real ones. We’ll even drop you off at the registry. We find it boosts confidence to take the road test with all the rules and the practice of driving properly are still fresh in your mind.  And all our classes, drivers training, and lessons are competitively priced with other driving schools in Calgary.

See Inside Our Calgary Driving School

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Who We Are

A smiling young student from our driving school.We are the largest and most experienced Calgary driving school. We are more established than most driving schools. We have our own office and classrooms. We are friendly and encouraging to new and experienced drivers. We are also the most qualified Calgary truck driving school. We only use fully qualified driving instructors.  They know how to make your class time effective and enjoyable.  We are the affordable and quality driver’s education choice. We prepare you for written exams so you’ll pass easily. Our driver’s training in both a car or truck is based on years of training experience. We know what helps you pass your tests. How to contact our driving school in Calgary…


Driving school instructor in front of classroomWe have been in the business of teaching young and new drivers since 1970. Our quality drivers education and training is based on over 40 years of experience. With our expertise and experience, you can rest assured that your young driver will get the skills to drive Calgary’s busy streets. Youth and driving can be a lethal mix without the kind of quality, experienced instruction Derek Brown’s Academy provides. Besides the basic driving courses, we also offer a brush up course, defensive driving in-classroom course, air brake class, and truck training. We are the premier Calgary truck driving school.  

How will I be trained?

Driving school student holding up keysDriving lessons in the vehicle are vital to learning to drive safely. According to Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation, new drivers with a Class 7 Learner’s permit and a Class 5 Graduated Driver’s Licence are required to complete at least 15 hours of lecture and 10 hours of in-vehicle instruction. Drivers who already have a Class 5 non-GDL licence must complete at least 15 hours of classroom and a minimum of 6 hours of in-vehicle training. These hours are required to receive a Course Completion Certificate, used for an insurance discount. We surpass the Alberta regulations in driving and classroom instruction hours and at a lower price than other driving schools. Read more…

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