Driving Videos

Check out Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving videos.  Whether you want to learn how to drive a car for this first time, or looking to reduce demerits, or change your career, Derek Brown has you covered.  Derek Brown’s Academy can help you reach your goals.

Meet Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving video.

Derek Brown has the most experienced drivers to teach you about your class 5 drivers test.

Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving can get you in the big-rig seat.

Watch this video to learn the best way to parallel park.

Are you aware that the rules have changed for playground zones recently?  This video can help get you up to speed.

Learn how to drive in winter snow and ice.

Want to learn how to drive better in the winter?  This video can help you keep safe on those dangerous winter roads.

Why choose Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving?  Watch this video to find out.

Grandma Learns to Drive: 86-Year-Old Finally Gets License With Help From Granddaughter and Derek Brown`s Academy of Driving | CBC