Study Guide: Playground Zone

A playground zone is an area where there’s a playground and where there is a 30-kilometer speed limit from the hours of 7:30 am until 9 pm. This speed limit applies to all playground zones in the province of Alberta.


2Playground zone speed limits differ in other Canadian provinces. If you’re driving outside of Alberta and the speed limit is different from 30 kilometers an hour, then a sign with the proper speed limit will be posted.

Make sure to pay even more attention in a playground zone!


• It is illegal to pass vehicles going in the same directions as you when you are in a playground zone.

• Drivers should exercise extra caution when driving in these areas because children often forget about safety and might run out into the street without warning. Mothers with strollers might also be crossing, and often there are young cyclists on their way to the park or playground.

* A playground zone ends when a higher speed limit is indicated by a sign or there is a sign that says playground zone ends. *

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