Defensive Driving and Demerit Reduction Course

defensivedriverIf you are looking to reduce your driving demerits for the purpose of saving on insurance costs, this is the course for you.  Remove three demerits from your record simply by taking this course.

This defensive driving course is held on Saturdays only in the office from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.  It is an interactive and multi-media course that will greatly enhance your safety on the road.

The instruction is geared for new drivers needing it for employment reasons, those who would just like to be safer on the road, or for those needing a reduction of demerit points.

A reduction of 3 demerit points is provided by successfully passing the Calgary defensive driving course.

We’re a local well-established Calgary driving school.

Call us at (403) 272-4246, or fill in the form below, to request enrollment.

Defensive Driving Course Enrollment Request

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*This course is only available on Saturdays
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