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Derek Browns Now Offers An Online Course

Like learning at home at your own speed? We created the online course to help those who in this day in age have busy schedules. This course is also perfect for self-motivated students, as it allows you to take the program wherever and whenever it’s most convenient. This program is fully approved by the Alberta Transportation as an alternative to the 15-hour in-classroom with activities, games, and information narrated by a speaker in order to engage the students. The course will be instructor supported with an instructor available for questions and/or clarification during business hours which is effective from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Each module is composed of slides of information that need to be checked as completed to move forward. The modules each have a final test summarizing the information that was lectured in the module. As the student completes each unit a summary test will be given. In order to pass the course, students must achieve a minimum score of 80% or higher while being given a maximum of 3 attempts to complete the 15 hours.

In the initial process of registration, the student would contact the academy to fill out a registration over the phone as well as the record of registration online which has been included. The student would then be emailed a link to register and create an account to gain access to the course. Finally, the student would contact the office to be given full access to the online course to begin. The students will then be able to check in by entering the correct answers to the security questions they provided during registration. The contract and record of registration will be printed and submitted to the academy prior to gaining full access. As a driving school, we strive to assist individuals in getting their licenses and learn the proper tips and techniques for safe driving.

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