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Young driver shows off driver's license after taking driver's education from our Calgary Driving School.Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving offers superior classroom and in-vehicle instruction at reduced prices. We have courses for beginning drivers who want to get their class 5 license. We offer a course for defensive driving and demerit reduction. We have a large and busy truck driving school with truck training courses for drivers wishing to start a new career as a truck driver.  We have four different trucks for training.

How to Start:
Give us a call so we can discuss and arrange what would be best suited for your situation. We would then be able to assess what course would fit your needs.

Class 5 Beginner Course
You`ll need the Class 5 Beginner Course to get your license and reduce your insurance costs.

Calgary Defensive Driving Course
Our Calgary defensive driving course will make you a safer driver, refresh your defensive driving skills and reduce your insurance cost by lowering demerit points.

Calgary Truck Driving School Courses
Please visit our truck driving school to start your new career as a truck driver and find out about our courses.

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Calgary Driving Courses:

BasicBasic Driving Course – Automatic Transmission CarsBeginner
BasicBasic Driving Course – Manual Transmission CarsBeginner
Brush UpTwo Hour Brush Up Course, Standard or AutomaticRefresher
Defensive DrivingSix Hours of Classroom InstructionDemerit Reduction
Short Course15 Hours of Classroom Instruction and six hours of DrivingRefresher
Air BrakeAir Brake Instruction (Q Endorsement)Truck
Class 3Twelve Hours In- Truck Training, including Air Brake, Two Hours Driving SimulatorTruck
Class 1Fourteen Hours In-Truck Training, including Air Brake, Two Hours Driving SimulatorTruck